Cut Down on Context Switching with MessageLeap

The modern workplace is rife with distractions, be it curious coworkers in an open-plan office or kids and pets vying for attention at home. Even when we may feel we are hard at work on our computers, the constant ping of notifications and switching from app to app has a cost.  Studies have shown that … Read more

FLTA’s 2020 Annual Convention – The Roaring 20’s!

MessageLeap will be attending FLTA’s Annual Convention November 9th – 11th. This will be a virtual event with the theme “The Roaring 20s, Live in the Present!”  Communication Innovation Past and Present  The 1920s were the dawn of the Age of the Telephone. Invented in the late 1800s, telephones became a common household item in the ‘20s. Communication has seen many … Read more


MessageLeap enables your business to send and receive both SMS and MMS text messages from your business email address, so what is the difference between SMS and MMS? SMS vs MMS SMS messages are text-only and are limited to 160 characters. If a message longer than 160 characters is sent to a phone as a … Read more

Real Data Consulting and MessageLeap are Going to the 2020 FLTA Convention

Real Data Consulting, the makers of MessageLeap, is excited to announce that we will be attending the Florida Land Title Association’s (FLTA) 2020 convention! FLTA is holding their annual convention Monday, November 9th – Wednesday, November 11th. The 2020 Florida Land Title Association Convention FLTA’s mission is to empower members through advocacy and education to … Read more

Let MessageLeap Help You

Here at MessageLeap we are always looking for new ways to help businesses improve their client communications. Let us support you with accomplishing that.   Ongoing Conversations Since our tech demo at NS3, we have rolled out a new version of MessageLeap which includes email conversation threading! Just like standard email-to-email communications, text replies received … Read more

MessageLeap – Communication Innovation

Here at MessageLeap we are always looking for new ways to improve business texting and facilitate quick and easy company/client communication. And since our tech demo at NS3 on 9/1, we have rolled out a new version of MessageLeap! Conversation Threading The latest version of Messageleap includes email conversation threading! Just like email-to-email conversation, text … Read more

MessageLeap and the Real Estate Industry

Real Data Consulting will be presenting a MessageLeap tech demo for real estate professionals on September 1st, at 9:20 AM, EDT, at the National Settlement Services Summit (NS3). MessageLeap is the perfect solution for helping real estate professionals communicate safely and easily with their clientele. How to Integrate MessageLeap into Your Business Workflow MessageLeap’s seamless … Read more

Real Data Consulting and MessageLeap are Going to NS3!

Real Data Consulting, the makers of MessageLeap, is going to be at the National Settlement Services Summit (NS3), September 1st – 3rd.   What is NS3?  NS3 is an annual conference, hosted by October Research, LLC, for real estate professionals. This year’s virtual summit will include networking and education events as well as tech demos. See NS3’s website here for information on how to register and … Read more

Real Data Consulting, LLC Announces their New Business Texting Product- MessageLeap

LAKELAND, Florida, Aug. 10, 2020 – MessageLeap, developed by Real Data Consulting, LLC, is a new text messaging service for businesses and professionals. It empowers a business to efficiently connect with their customers by integrating professional SMS text messaging with their existing business phone number and email applications.    MessageLeap is committed to helping businesses grow by empowering them to … Read more