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5 Things to Consider When Planning Your Holiday Campaign

The holidays are right around the corner, and THIS is the time to scale up your revenue. But is your marketing strategy supporting your goals?  

SMS should be part of every company’s omni-channel communication strategy for both current and prospective clients. For companies that have already adopted this solution, it is a crucial channel for establishing communication, continuing dialogues, sharing information, and educating their audience. If you are not yet using text messaging to communicate with your clients, a crucial element will be missing from your holiday marketing. 

Here are 5 things to consider when planning your holiday campaign. 

  1. Use SMS as a tool for two-way communication with your audience. Do not just send them promotional messages. Instead, grab their attention and engage them by asking questions and having conversations. 
  1. Timing is everything when it comes down to engaging your audience. When getting consent from your subscribers, have them select their time zone, so you can reach out at the most optimal time of the day.  
  1. Balance your message frequency. Strategically plan your messages, so that you don’t overload your clients’ inboxes. However, do make sure that you stay consistent with your communications, so your audience does not forget about you.  
  1. Incorporate your revamped strategy just in time for the holidays. Accurate timing is imperative once again. Launch your campaign too early, and your clients might get bored of it. Launch too late, and you might miss your golden opportunity.  
  1. Appreciate all holidays. Don’t forget to ask your customers which holidays they celebrate, and make sure you plan your outreach accordingly. That may mean having to create a unique approach for each celebration.  

Ready to get your holiday campaign started? Let us help you maximize your revenue this holiday season.