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How to Incorporate Texting into your Business

Here are just some of the ways different industries can incorporate business texting into their operations to help improve efficiency and create a better customer service experience:

Real Estate

  • Real estate brokers, agents, and realtors can quickly share and provide updates on new and existing listings.
  • Closing companies can use texting to schedule mortgage and deed signings.
  • Reminders and follow-ups on important closing documentation can be automated and sent quickly to the buyer or seller’s phone via text.
  • Last-minute scheduling changes or urgent questions can be answered quickly by text.


  • No need to pay for expensive ad space – retailers can easily notify consumers about the date and time of sales or the debut of new products.
  • Create keyword triggers to provide answers to frequently asked questions without interrupting employee workflow.
  • Texting is a way to conveniently provide promotional materials and discounts to loyal customers.

Service Industries

  • Service industries, such as law firms, doctor offices, or salons, can use texting to schedule, confirm, and reschedule appointments.
  • Companies in the financial sector can use texting to provide customers with secure and convenient access to account information.
  • Manage appointment arrivals: When your client arrives, have them text your landline number. Then, they can wait comfortably in their car until you reply by text that you are ready for them to enter.

Restaurants and Hospitality

  • Communicate schedule changes to your employees by text through your landline phone number, allowing all managers to access these messages.
  • Manage curbside service: When your customers arrive to pick up food, they can text your landline to let you know they are outside.
  • Tourism and hospitality companies can use texting to make and confirm reservations and quickly respond to the questions of prospective guests.

Ready to make the leap into texting?

These are only some of the ways that texting can revolutionize your business operations, and Messageleap is here to make your entry into texting quick and easy.

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