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MessageLeap and Automation

Find out how MessageLeap and our ResWare® integration can help your title company become more efficient.

Answer FAQ’s with Keyword Triggers

Email platforms allow for automated replies in response to keywords included in the incoming message. With MessageLeap and keyword triggers, frequently asked questions can be replied to immediately. For example, if your client texts your business phone number inquiring about your business hours, you can have an automatic reply sent with the relevant information. This saves time for both employees and clients, and it also allows for employees to spend their time addressing more client-specific needs and providing a good customer service experience.

Automate Status Updates with ResWare®

ResWare® allows the custom generation and delivery of emails to be automated. Triggers may be set up, so that when certain actions are completed, emails may be sent without further involvement from the user. When integrated with MessageLeap, these emails may be converted to text, if that is the preferred communication method of the recipient. This allows title companies to proactively update clients, real estate agents, and other relevant parties as the stages of the closing are completed, preventing the need for an influx of email or phone status requests from the involved parties.

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