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Why Choose MessageLeap’s ResWare® Integration Over an App?

Designed with You in Mind 

Here at MessageLeap, we have a decade of ResWare® experience. Our team is experienced not only in ResWare® setup and administration, but also the day-to-day realities of working on closings in ResWare®, from receiving a new contract all the way through the post-closing process. MessageLeap was designed with you in mind. Our seamless email-to-text and text-to-email service allows you to text clients by sending an email, just as you would any other email from ResWare®. There is no need to spend time and money to train employees on an additional, business-texting applications – all work and communications can be done from within ResWare®. MessageLeap’s ResWare® integration makes it easy to communicate with on-the-go realtors, buyers, and sellers, helping you avoid end-of-the-month crunches due to unanswered phone calls or emails. 

MessageLeap’s ResWare® integration allows our clients to engage in sustained, focused work… 

Context Switching 

There is increasing awareness in the business world of the dangers of frequent context switching, a.k.a. multitasking. Switching from app to app at the constant ping of a notification eats away at our time, as our brains switch gears from task to task, fragments our attention span, and increases the number of errors made. With MessageLeap’s ResWare® integration, you can cut down on context switching. Since all work and communications can be done from within ResWare®, there is no need to even open or check a desktop email application. MessageLeap’s ResWare® integration allows our clients to engage in sustained, focused work, increasing productivity, sales, and customer service experience.  

MessageLeap’s ResWare® integration keeps all client communication in one central, secure place.

Location, Location, Location 

If business texting is not currently enabled for your business line, it may be that your employees have already embraced business texting out of necessity but are forced to text from their personal devices. Not only does this increase context switching, as team members must check their personal devices for new messages, but this also presents undue security and privacy risks for clients. Texting from a personal device also means there are communications happening which all employees working on a file are not privy to, inevitably leading to miscommunication and duplicate requests for information. MessageLeap’s ResWare® integration enables you to keep all client communication in one central, secure place. 

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