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Cut Down on Context Switching with MessageLeap

The modern workplace is rife with distractions, be it curious coworkers in an open-plan office or kids and pets vying for attention at home. Even when we may feel we are hard at work on our computers, the constant ping of notifications and switching from app to app has a cost.  Studies have shown that constantly switching tasks, a.k.a. multitasking, drastically reduces productivity. Not only is time lost while switching between tasks, particularly when one of those tasks is complex or new, but the number of errors made in the completion of those tasks increases.[1]

MessageLeap is Here to Help

The implementation of business texting can present just another strain on employees’ attention, if they are required to switch from their main software to an additional app or website to check and reply to their text messages, but MessageLeap is different. We allow you to send and receive texts directly from your email. We are compatible with all email services, so text messages can be sent out with no additional context switching.

MessageLeap’s ResWare® Integration

MessageLeap is also fully integrated with the title closing software, ResWare®. Texts may be sent from within ResWare just like any other email, utilizing email templates and customized action groups, and texts can be received directly within ResWare®.  For ResWare® users, this eliminates the need to even switch to an external email platform – texts may be received and sent from directly within the file the title officer is working on.

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[1] American Psychological Association, “Multitasking: Switching costs,”