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Let MessageLeap Solve Your Communication Conundrums

Are your important communications going unanswered? Let us help you.

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Americans only answered 47% of calls in 2019. If the caller had an unfamiliar number, the amount of answered calls falls to 18%.

Who wants to play phone tag?

In 2019, consumers saw a 108% increase in the number of spam calls received on mobile phones. As a result, Americans only answered 47% of calls.[1] Studies also show that if the call comes from an unfamiliar number, the amount of answered calls falls to 18%.[2] As a result, this leads to a costly game of phone tag. Party A calls party B, who doesn’t answer. Party A has to leave a voicemail. Party B tries to call back, and is forced to leave a voicemail themselves.

You can be stuck in this endless cycle, wasting your precious time and valuable sales deals. This is a common scenario for many businesses, and it can cause companies to become reliant on written communication, such as email. However, email presents its own problems.

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Spam accounted for over 50% of email traffic in March 2020.

Email? What Email?

Have your clients ever told you that they had not received your email? That is because it might have been surrounded by spam or put in their junk folder. In march of this year, spam accounted for over 50% of email traffic.[3] As a result, emailing your clients regarding time-sensitive matters, such as last-minute schedule changes and cancellations, might not be an ideal way of communication.

Alternatively, texts are typically read within three minutes of receipt.[4] Individuals are more likely to have phone notifications turned on for text messages than email. And so, they are aware of the messages sooner and reply to them more quickly. This makes texting a much more effective method of communication. It enables you to quickly resolve those time-sensitive issues. Additionally, it saves you valuable time that would have been wasted waiting for no-shows and following-up to reschedule.

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The Trouble with Multiple Devices

Perhaps your employees have already embraced business texting, out of convenience or necessity. If texting is not enabled for your business line, that means they are forced to text from their personal phones. This can potentially present you to security and privacy hazards. Moreover, communication with clients might end up being spread across multiple devices that only certain individuals can access.

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MessageLeap provides seamless and secure email-to-text and text-to-email communication right from your business email.

MessageLeap is Here to Help

We make texting convenient for you and your consumers. We enable you to continue sending emails from your business email account as usual. Your emails are then received as texts on your client’s mobile phone – no more getting lost in the inbox shuffle!

MessageLeap provides seamless and secure email-to-text and text-to-email communication right from your business email. You don’t have to install any applications or purchase additional equipment. This keeps all your messages in one place. Furthermore, helps minimize the interruptions to the workflow caused by checking a personal phone for messages.

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